The pandemic has put us all in a state of dilemma, especially when doing anything remotely outdoors. Horses and animals need proper care, and attention and they need it regardless of the situation outside. If you are a horse owner or own a stable at your ranch, you would need all possible advice out there to be able to care for your horse the right way. 

How to care for horses?

The basic problem that the pandemic poses is the fact that we need to limit our outside exposure, and that is where the horses are. In this article, we will give you a detail of how you can care for your animals without any danger to your health. Following is a step to step guide of how you can provide the proper care.

Introduce different timings to attend the horse. 

This is applicable when the horse is kept at a livery yard, and there are more people involved in caring for horses. You can ask the other people to use alternate timings to attend the yard. This will ensure that no person comes in contact with one another at the same time.

Limit transportation. 

While it may be important to take your horse for coaching and other important activities, you need to ensure that all is done at the yard where the horses are kept. 

Make alternate plans.

This applies when you are the only one to care for the horse. When you get ill or need to self-isolate, you need to set all the preliminaries. These would ensure the safety of your horse when you cannot care for them. You can buddy up. 

Riding the horse.

Although you may still be able to ride or drive your horse. Care should be taken, about where you go. Opt for places that do not have many people around. 


With a few basic tips, you can enjoy riding your horse the same way as before the pandemic. Just ensure the guidelines are met for the safety of your horse and that of yourself.