Horses are fast running, agile beats that require basic nutrition to maintain their fit agility and well-being. Many myths are circulating regarding their essential dietary needs. It is imperative to watch out for these fake ones and understand the true requirements from the sham. There is also the dilemma of having many options out there. But which one to choose?

Basic nutrition for horses.

Horses require the following basic dietary needs:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Vitamins
  • Water

We shall talk in detail about how and from where these requirements can be full filled.


A standard requirement for horses when it comes to water is around 5-15 gallons. Ensuring that it clean is critical and should be given to the horse at least twice daily. A proper intake is important and prevents the horse from getting dehydration or any colic related disease.


These form the largest part of the dietary requirements and provide the animal with a consistent bout of energy the whole day long. The hay and the grass are the basic food through which the horse gets this nutrient from. Roughage and grains are important for the well-being of horses.


An essential nutrient that caters to the healthy growth of the horses can be found in lysine. This is found or added already in the food bag that you shop from. Just look out for the label that says, “added lysine” to ensure that the food contains it.


Though this is a relatively new movement of giving horses bouts of fat, it has quickly gained importance for its benefits. It is a great source of energy that allows the horse to consume less feed. Just make sure that the food bag contains an adequate amount of it.


These nutrients allow the animal’s body to carry out the basic reactions and prevent diseases. Although it will be part of the feed giving them a fruit such as apples also helps.


With an assorted and balanced amount of nutrients, you can ensure the well-being of your horses and prevent diseases.